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Why Penny Stocks?

The penny stock market gets a bad rap. If the Stock Market were the USA, the Penny Stock Market would likely be considered the Wild West. Many Investors have fallen prey to the bad newsletters, irresponsible companies, manipulative market makers and more.

So why do we love Penny Stocks?

Blue Chips are for Investors. Penny Stocks are for TRADERS. Penny Stocks may be driven by hype, news, technical setups, and future promise. In this market, the greater the volatility, the greater potential for ENORMOUS GAINS! [Read More]

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I want to thank you for your research in bringing theses stocks to my attention….Each stock that I have invested in from your lead has appreciated almost consistently. THANK YOU.




I’m new to this and this was the first time I’ve used your pick. I got nervous and banked it after I made 100%. I’m little upset I didn’t stay in but I’m very happy with the profit I did make….can’t wait until next week…I’m just amazed!!…..